How to Get the Most Out of Your AC Unit?

The summer season is already here. This means that the time has come to rely on your AC unit for the summer months to ensure your home stays comfortable across the season. Of course, you can simply turn on your AC unit and let it do its job. However, that isn’t efficient. There are a couple of things you can do to ensure that your AC unit will operate at complete efficiency for the hot season. 

Therefore, aside from hiring a professional AC service The Woodlands company, what are the other things you can do to protect your AC unit and get the most out of it? Well, here are some of them: 

Examine the Wiring 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t touch live wires. However, you should examine them for wear or damage. Contact an expert for service if you see such damage.  

Examine Coolant Lines 

You’ve got to ensure your coolant lines look excellent. If you think that any repairs are required, you should contact the professionals right away. 

Go Outside and Check the Unit 

Examine the AC system to ensure there isn’t anything that is blocking around it. Get rid of debris, vines, and leaves. Aside from that, you have to examine for missing panels that protect the wirings inside.  

Make Sure You Turn On Your AC System 

A lot of homeowners out there think that they have a broken AC unit. The truth is that most of them forgot to turn on the AC system. Before you call a professional, make sure you turn on the AC unit first.  

Examine Circuits 

You have to ensure every single electrical connection is on. They’re likely turned on unless you have de-activated them. However, it is still ideal to examine them. 

Change the Filter 

Now is probably the best time to change your filter. This is particularly true if you haven’t changed it for a couple of years. Keep in mind that professionals recommend changing the filters every 3 months. However, if you’ve got pets in your house, you might have to replace the filters more often. 

Examine the Drain Line 

The drain line is typically attached near the system. You will see a piece of PVC or a drain pipe. Examine this for leaks or cracks. Also, if you want to keep the line clear, you can flush the line. This depends on the condition. 

Examine Your Air Vents 

Walk around your home and examine the air vents in your floorboards, ceilings, or any areas where you’ve got them. Get rid of things that may be blocking the airflow. Also, if required, you can vacuum out the dust.  

Examine the Ductwork 

You should check your ductwork and search for indications of holes, cracks, and wear. This is particularly true when it comes to exposed ductwork.  

Examine the Thermostat 

Checking the thermostat is another thing you can do. You’ve got to ensure you’re satisfied with the settings. Also, it is best to upgrade your thermostat if you’ve got an old one. 

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